Strapless Self-Adhesive Backless Bra Creme Brûlée


This strapless self-adhesive backless bra perfectly complements your unique nude tone. Creme Brûlée is tailored for those with sun-kissed or olive complexions, seamlessly accommodating both smaller and more generous bust sizes. A master of versatility, it thrives beneath delicate, sheer fabrics, making it the ultimate choice for your ensembles.

The silicone strapless self-adhesive backless bra gently embraces your curves, crafting a naturally rounded silhouette. With this silicone backless bra as a cornerstone in your wardrobe, the spectrum of outfit possibilities becomes limitless. No matter how intricate or demanding the ensemble, InvisiBra rises to the occasion with unrivalled ease.

When your bra takes a pause, entrust its care to the designated storage case, keeping it safeguarded from dust and external elements. Dressing up evolves into a joyful endeavour with Creme Brûlée by your side. Embrace the exuberance of dressing to impress with a lively Arriba Arriba!

Good to know: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, dermatologist-tested, Latex Free
Barcode: 5060428273214