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What’s InvisiBra?

InvisiBra is a backless stick on bra, which is exactly what you need for dressing up in all sorts of outfits. From backless dresses, to strapless, off shoulder, cut-outs and skinny straps, InvisiBra does it all. What InvisiBra offers is instant lift, shape and support so you can feel confident and fabulous in your outfit instead of self conscious of going braless. Consisting of just two silicone cups and a clip, a stick on bra may look simple, but once you’ve put one on, you’ll be amazed by what it can do for your boobs. The key lies in the adhesive we use.

On each cup, there’s a layer of adhesive on the underside. One cup at a time, you flip the cup out and the stick on bra goes on vertically with the clip pointing to the floor. Repeat on the other side then clip the cups together. The way you apply the stick on bra cups to your boobs will affect the shape and support you get. Once on, the stick on bra stays on securely until you take it off. Sweat and hot climates are no challenge, you can even throw shapes on the dance floor.

We offer 3 different types of stick on bra. The lifting backless bra range is perfect for bigger boobs and if you’re looking for as much lift as possible. Our backless push up bras are for those of you looking to get a boost in cup size. The cups are more padded so they’re heavier, therefore not advisable for bigger boobs. We also have a plunge backless bra that doesn’t have a clip in the middle and is made of fabric, so you can wear it with plunge necklines.

If you’re looking to wear InvisiBra with lots of different outfits, we would advise that you go for the nude backless bra range. We offer 3 different skin tones: light, medium and dark. And if you’re into wearing beautiful lingerie, check out our lingerie sets where you can match your stick on bra with a pair of matching lace undies!

Can I return the wrong cup size I ordered by mistake?

If the bra you received is not the correct cup size, you can return it for an exchange as long as the protective film remains intact. Before proceeding, please contact us via email at Please note that you are responsible for the postage costs for both the return and the exchange.

What should I do if the adhesive on the bra cup does not work any more?

If the adhesive on the bra cup is no longer effective, ensure you clean the bra thoroughly after each use. Cleaning the bra will regenerate the adhesive, thereby extending its lifespan. It's essential to clean it every time you wear it to maintain adhesive regeneration and prolong the bra's durability.

What is the right way to store invisibra when not in use?

To store your InvisiBra when not in use, clean and air dry them before placing them in the storage case along with their protective film. This will help prevent dust accumulation and maintain the bras in good condition.

What happen if I do not want the bra I ordered, can I return it and get a refund?

If you no longer want the bra you ordered, you can return it for a refund as long as it remains untouched and in its original packaging. However, if you open it and remove the protective film, we cannot accept the return due to hygiene reasons. For more details, please refer to our RETURN POLICY.

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