A Love For Lingerie

Our Story

A Love For Lingerie

I've always loved lingerie because a pretty delicate lace set never fails to make me feel beautiful. I didn't always love my boobs or body, but slipping on special lingerie is an instant boost of self confidence and helps me focus on celebrating my femininity.

My First Backless Bra

I remember when I first picked up a backless bra. I was visiting New York and while shopping, found a backless dress I fell in love with.

Standing in the changing room, I turned from side to side and just couldn’t get over how unimpressive my bra-less boobs looked in the dress. I shared my frustration with the sales assistant, who sent me down to the lingerie department to pick up a backless bra. Excited and hopeful, I tried on my new purchase in my hotel room, only to be disappointed only moments later when my new bra didn’t even last 5 minutes. Instead of being disheartened, that was the moment that sparked an “Ah HA!” moment for me.

Developing InvisiBra

For 2 years, I worked on product development. I wanted to create a backless bra that would stay on securely, lasting all day and night, as well as looking attractive, so you would wear it on date nights and on your wedding day. From the cutting edge adhesive we use, to the cup moulds that we use to ensure an accurate size and fit, we work with amazing suppliers to ensure our product is the best quality we can offer. But what sets InvisiBra apart is the investment we put in innovation and research.

The Future of InvisiBra

Since launching InvisiBra in 2013, we have continued to improve our product because our customers deserve the best product we can deliver. We’re currently working on expanding the size range, so more people can benefit from InvisiBra.