Why is it important to measure bra size?

Because too many women don’t know their true bra size. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a backless bra from us, then it’s essential that you follow our guide on how to measure bra size to get your true bra size. Also, InvisiBra works best if it fits perfectly or a little small. If you’re a B and end up getting a C by mistake, chances are, you won’t get much lift, shape or support. Why? Because a backless brain too big of a size would swamp your boobs. Stick on bra cups that are too b. . . Show More >

How do I measure bra size?

First of all, you need a tape measure. Our calculator uses inches, so get one that has inches on it. All you need is a few minutes and 5 measurements. Then put it into our bra size calculator to find out what your true bra size is. Measure yourself in front of a mirror or get a friend or partner to measure you. And babe, go natural. Don’t wear a bra while measuring.

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Busting those bra sizing myths

If you’re surprised, or maybe shocked, by the result you got from the bra size calculator, that’s totally normal! Because most women underestimate their bra cup size. Maybe you’re looking at the result and thinking, there’s no way I’m a D/E/F cup. This may be a result of one of the biggest bra sizing myths people believe in, which is that a certain cup size means something. For example, women think B or C is average, D is bigger than average and anything above is D is ginormous. But bra sizing isn’t just about cup sizes. You have to look at the band size too. When you look at your band size as well as your cup size, you have a clearer picture of your boob size. Delve deeper into bra sizing and you’ll never look at bra sizes the same again.

What does your bra size mean for InvisiBra?

AnswerInvisiBra is a backless bra, so our sizing is different to normal bras that have back panels. Once you have your bra size, you can convert it to InvisiBra size. Don’t be tempted to just get the cup size you are, because your band size does affect the InvisiBra size you need. If you think about it, a 30C is really different from a 38C.

A backless bra doesn’t have bra straps and a back panel, all you have is the two stick on bra cups which you stick onto your boobs. So sizing for a backless bra is actually pretty flexible. The only real no-no is wearing a cup size that’s too big. Because cups that are too big will swamp your boobs and won’t give you the shape and support you’re looking for.

Why you should consider going for a smaller size?

You probably want to avoid going too small if you’re wearing something tight fitting because of the possibility of a quad boob. But otherwise, you have the option to go for size smaller. There are two reasons why you might want this. Firstly, the smaller the stick on bra cup, the lighter it is, so it will give you more lift. Secondly, if you’re going for a fuller boob look (aka cleavage), then a smaller size will give you more of that. That’s because when you position the stick on bra cups, there’s a greater distance between small cups, meaning that the cups travel further together when you clip them together.

D/E/F/G cup ladies, InvisiBra can work for you

As long as you would describe your boobs as firm. If you’ve lost a lot of weight or gone through multiple pregnancies, and your boobs have lost a lot of elasticity, then InvisiBra will not give you much lift.

For G cup, your band size needs to be no more than 30 inches. For F cup, it should be no more than 32 inches. For EE cup, it should be no more than 34 inches. For DD cup, it should be no more than 36 inches. We recommend that you go for one of the lifting backless bras to get the maximum lift and support our bras offer.