Breathable Seamless Adhesive Backless Bra O.M.G. Nude


Breathable  <br> Seamless Adhesive  <br> Backless Bra <br> O.M.G. Nude

Discover the O.M.G. – a versatile, ultra-lightweight, and breathable seamless adhesive backless bra that adapts to your every need. Crafted from microfibric and thoughtfully designed with airy perforations, this backless bra promises comfort beyond compare. Not only does it enhance your cleavage and offer a push-up effect, but it also serves as a transformative accessory, catering to both small and large busts, delivering instant lift, shape, and support.

The O.M.G. presents you with two captivating ways to wear it. The first is the classic backless and strapless style, secured by clips in the centre. The second option is a chic halter neck plunge style, where the clips elegantly fasten onto an optional clear strap worn around your neck. This ingenious design provides extra lift and support, making it a must-have for those with more ample busts.

Complete your ensemble by pairing the breathable seamless adhesive backless bra with our nude seamless knickers, including the NO VPL seamless nude briefs and hipsters. Alternatively, you can opt for the elegance of lace knickers in nude, such as the Birthday Suit Thong, Birthday Suit French Knickers, Glamour Thong, and Glamour Frenchie, to perfectly complement the bra and achieve a polished look.

  • Seamless smooth fit
  • Breathable seamless adhesive backless bra
  • Outfit Transformer
  • Ultra-light for maximum lift, support and shape
  • Special design with airy holes
  • Turn into a V-plunge bra in seconds
  • Available Cup Size:  B, C, D, DD, E & F
  • Cup DD is the same as Cup E
  • Choose between Nude & Black
  • Option to wear with a clear strap as halter neck plunge style
  • Self-adhesive bra
  • Clear Strap not included
  • Reusable
  • Hand Wash Only
Barcode: 5060428272545