Hands up if you think your wedding gown is one of the most important decisions you have to make about your wedding (aside from choosing to marry your husband to be, obviously!). Chances are, you've been umming and ahhing for weeks if not months about the dress you would pick. If one of the reasons for your doubts about a certain dress is down to bridal lingerie choices, then we're here to help! The good news for you is that there are tons of options to choose from, so let's get started!

Bridal Lingerie For Low Back Wedding Dress

Low back or backless wedding dresses makes our heart sing every time we set our eyes on one. There's something so sexy but elegant about baring your back and it's one of our favourite wedding dress styles. That being said, rocking a low back wedding dress can be tricky because the classic bridal lingerie styles will not do here. Instead, you have 4 options. You can go braless, rely on sewn on bra cups, stick on a backless bra or wear a backless bodysuit. Let's go through the pros and cons of each option.

Saying "No" to wearing a bra

If you're small chested and you're in the camp "I love my small boobs", going bra free can be an option.

Pros: One less thing to worry about on the day. May be liberating.

Cons: Potentially embarrassing if dress also has a low or loose neckline or if dress is made of thin or sheer materials. Not an option for bigger boobs.

Sewn in cups

Your seamstress may offer to sew in some bra cups into your dress.

Pros: One less purchase to make.

Cons: Sewn in cups are not the same as bras. They are thin and often flimsy, so do not offer much shape or any support. Also, the cups are connected to the dress. Anytime you lean forward, you could end up flashing if your dress isn't a high neckline.

Backless bodysuit

These are one piece lingerie solutions that combine bra and shape wear together.

Pros: You'd get boob support and tummy control in one piece of underwear.

Cons: Not suitable if your dress is sheer or see through in the bodice. Can be expensive. May be quite hot to wear, especially during summer.

Stick On Backless Bra

These stick on directly onto your boobs to give you lift, shape and support.

Pros: Sweat and dance proof, with no maximum hours of wear, so you can rock this all day and night. Suitable for a wide range of sizes, even for E and F bra sizes! The soft silicone moulds to your boobs to give you a natural shape. You can also go for a backless push up bra for an extra boost in cup size. Pretty bridal styles make these bridal lingerie worthy, they even come with matching lace undies. They're also reusable, so you can rock these after the wedding for summer and date nights!

Cons: Not suitable if you are 32G, 34F, 36DD, 38D, 40C and above. May not get a lot of lift if your boobs have lost a lot of elasticity. Takes a few practices to get the bra position right.

Plunge Backless Bras

Our backless plunge bra is perfect to wear with a low neckline.

Pros: Keeps boobs in place and gives good coverage. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Reusable.

Cons: Thinly padded so will not give a boost in cup size. Not suitable for darker skin tones or those with bigger boobs.

Nude Backless Bra

A nude stick on bra can be perfect to wear. Choose from lifting or push up styles.

Pros: Skin colour so will look inconspicuous under your dress. Match your nude backless bra to your skin tone. We also offer a lighter nude, medium brown and dark brown options. Nude is versatile, will go with everything in your wardrobe post wedding. If your neckline is particularly low, we recommend going for a smaller size.

Cons: Not suitable if the centre of the neckline is low. Check out our plunge style instead.

Bridal lingerie for tight fitting dresses

What you need here is seamless support. If your dress is corseted, then you probably don't need a bra at all as the boning in the dress will give you plenty of cleavage already. If your dress isn't corseted and features thin material, we would suggest our nude backless bra for a smooth seamless support. For undies, you should wear no VPL nude underwear or shape wear if you need something to hold you in. A word of caution about shape wear: We know it's tempting to wear something really tight to give you a really flat tummy, but do bear in mind that you'll be wearing it all day. You want to be able to enjoy yourself on one of the best days of your life. What you don't want, is to be so constricted by your shape wear that you can hardly breathe and have any fun. So choose a style that's not too restrictive like the Spanx Higher Power Short.

Other considerations when picking your bridal lingerie
We think it's important you pick something that will get used again. Weddings are expensive, so the more you can reuse something after the wedding the better. This is why an InvisiBra is a great investment as it can be reused again with your summer or party or date night outfits.

Always try on your bridal lingerie before the day to ensure that the sizing is right and it feels good on. The last thing you need on your wedding day is realising that your bra is the wrong size. We always recommend brides to get measured to ensure you're getting the right bra. If you've lost weight, it's important to measure closer to the wedding to ensure the right size. Read this bra size guide for more tips and how to measure bra size.