Going backless is so on trend these days. Whether it's for a night out with the girls, or date night with Mr. Right, what you need are backless top bra solutions to ensure you look and feel right in your outfit. If you're used to wearing a bra or your boobs need a bit of help, you won't feel right going without a bra. So here's our guide on the types of backless top bra solutions that will do the trick.

A Simple Nude Stick On Bra

This is the original nude stick on bra. Yea I know, it's a little boring, maybe some people call it a chicken fillet, but it's so versatile you can wear it with anything, absolutely anything. White silky top that's a bit sheer and clingy, check. Black lace top with see through holes, check. Ivory silk satin wedding dress, check. Seriously, there's nothing you can't wear with the O.G., making this our top choice as backless top bra solutions. If you're big on backless, strapless outfits, and you just want one stick on bra to work with it all, then this is the one for you.

The O.G. may look simple, but aside from its versatility, we've got to highlight, despite its vanilla appearance, it really does have super sticking powers. As long as you put this on clean dry skin (oils and creams are big No-Nos), you'd be amazed by how well it sticks, even if you dance and sweat. Added bonus is that all InvisiBras are reusable. Just wash and air dry, and they'll be ready to go again.

We also offer nude stick on bras in light brown and dark brown, because every girl deserves her own shade of nude.


Reviews on our backless stick on bras

BEST Bra! Stayed put all night and gave the best look! Maybe haven't have that great of cleavage ever!

I have been looking for a bra to wear with my backless dress! I stumbled across the InvisiBra website and thought I’d give them a go! This item was fantastic, easy to put on and it stayed where it should all night! Even with me dancing like a looney

Exactly what I was looking for my low cut backless dress. I tried the bra before the big day to ensure I was placing them correctly. Even with numerous sticking and unsticking and moving them into the right place, the bra stayed up with no effort.

I was so sceptical that this was ever going to work but it was amazing. The bra was comfortable, I felt totally secure for the whole evening and I absolutely love it.

I was dubious about wearing a stick-on bra so thought I'd buy one which was a little more expensive in the hope that it would be better quality. I was right! Excellent sticking power, smooth under clothes, comfortable and didn't budge (even during a 12 hour Christmas party!). Easy to wash, just under cold water and leave to dry. Seemed just as sticky as when I unpacked it but I haven't given it a second go yet.I wear a 32C bra and got the A cup invisibra, great fit.

Great quality and the bra sticks on well unlike a lot of other bras on the market!

This bra is fantastic. Wore it from 9.30am until 3am at a wedding and it never lost its stickiness! Can't wait to use it again!

Plunge Backless Bras

Going backless as well as diving deep with your neckline? We've got your back! Our plunge backless bra is made of fabric to give you maximum lift. Perfect to wear with those traffic stopping outfits. Just position the plunge backless bra one side at a time, pushing your boobs together before sticking down the side taps to keep it secure.

Pretty In Lace Backless Bra

If you're going on a hot date or gearing up for a special event, then a lace backless bra will give you a sexy edge. This is the fanciest one of the backless top bra solutions. Just like our nude stick on bras, our lace backless bras will give you lift, shape and support, so you can ooze confidence in your outfit. Our lace backless bras come with matching undies, so you can go full on matchy matchy.

Will InvisiBra work for my size?

InvisiBra works for a wide range of sizes. Anything from a 28AA up to a 32F, 34E, 36DD, 38 D, 40 C, works with our current range. The only caveat is, the larger your breast and the less firm it is, the less lift the completely strapless invisibras will offer. If you need that extra support, check out our new InvisiBra that comes with clear straps which you can wear halter neck style, to give your boobs more lift.

What size do I need?

Sizing for backless strapless bras work differently to normal bras. To work out your invisiBra size, we take intoIaccount your band size as well as cup size. The smaller your band size, the smaller the cup you will wear in relation to your cup size. On the flip side, the bigger your band size, the bigger the cup you will wear in relation to your cup size. This is why you'll see in the image below, girls with 30D wear a size B, and 32F wear a size D whereas if you were a 38C, you would need a size D. Learn more about backless bra sizing before ordering.