Adhesive Lifting Backless Bra with Lace Black Rose



Black Rose, an adhesive lifting backless bra with lace, harmoniously merges with the crystal black silicone, forming an opulent choice perfect for nights out and special occasions. With InvisiBra’s ingenious design, there are no constricting bands to contend with. This backless wonder ensures your dresses and tops glide seamlessly over your back, leaving no room for unsightly creases. Step into your Little Black Dress and exude a refined polish that’s second to none.

Equipped with the adhesive backless bra with lace, your wardrobe’s possibilities become boundless. From complex outfits to the most intricate ensembles, InvisiBra rises to the occasion, offering unparalleled versatility. And that’s not all – the silicone stick-on bra boasts an added advantage of reusability. A simple post-wear wash followed by gentle air drying reinvigorates its adhesive power, maintaining its stickiness for repeated use. Properly cleansing your bra isn’t just a routine, it’s a key to ensuring the adhesive remains effective and revitalized.

  • Perfect lifting backless bra to go with Little Black Dress
  • Seamless backless bra
  • Lifting and push-ups, shape and support
  • Reusable

Good to know: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, dermatologist-tested, Latex Free

Barcode: 5060428273184