Lace Silicone Stick-On Backless Bra Cotton Candy

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Cotton Candy is a lace silicone stick-on backless bra that stands as a pinnacle among our selections. This alluring creation has captured the hearts of our discerning clientele, drawing inspiration from the resplendent cherry blossoms that grace the landscape during the full bloom of spring. A true embodiment of elegance, it harmonizes flawlessly with romantic, billowing dresses, imbuing the wearer with an undeniable aura of ultra-femininity.

At the heart of all the best lace silicone stick-on backless bras lies the embodiment of medical silicone, a material that transcends mere undergarments to become a testament to safety and skin compatibility. Supported by clinical validation, it tenderly caresses the skin, mimicking the natural texture of human breasts. A simple post-use ritual maintains its pristine quality: a gentle rinse with water followed by airy drying, ensuring freedom from dust. For safekeeping and seamless travel companionship, our dedicated bra storage case proves its worth.

In this convergence of aesthetics and functionality, the allure of delicate undergarments is intertwined with a commitment to quality. Cotton Candy and its counterparts in the InvisiBra lineup stand as both style statements and symbols of thoughtful engineering, enriching your attire choices while safeguarding comfort and well-being.

  • Lace Silicone Stick-On Backless Bra for tricky outfits
  • Strapless but supportive
  • Position cups vertically for maximum lift
  • The premium adhesive promises a secure hold
  • Wear all day and night
  • Fits a wide range of sizes
  • Reusable
Storage case: good for travelling and can be used to store bra, keeping it dust-free and eliminating plastic packaging

Good to know: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Dermatologist tested, Latex Free
Barcode: 5060428273344