How to get fuller boobs, the natural way. There was always that one girl at school wasn’t there? The girl who developed early. You’d look down at your barely there boobs and reach for the chicken fillets, using any objects you could find to lift and boost yourself.

It’s a movie cliché isn’t it, the male gaze drifting south, but somewhere along the way evolution has taught us that boobs (as well as the other usual suspects) play a role in attracting our partners. Whether you’re blessed with big or small breasts, science has proven that our bra size helps to nurture relationships and stimulate attraction. So babe, why not make them fuller?

We know you’ve grown to love your boobs (and so you should) but wouldn’t it be fun to give them a lift? Especially with that dress you’ve got hanging up for the weekend. We’re about to let you in on a secret. You can do these 8 boob-boosting tips whenever you want, without the plastic surgery bank damage.

Put down the silicone fillers and replace with a punnet of cherries. Cherries?! Yea, you heard me! Here are our 8 InvisiBabe tips on how to get fuller boobs, the natural way.

1. Pop Your Cherry

Yes, you really can get fuller boobs by eating cherries. Who knew? But it’s not just cherries; there are a whole host of other foods you should get into your diet. Before you write off yet another diet fad, (we get it) you probably eat all of these foods anyway. The key is to reach for the foods that are rich in estrogen or fibre. Try apples, fenugreek and fennel seeds, papaya and pomegranate. All super healthy so you’ll be getting your five-a-day at the same time. If only rosé was rich in estrogen.

2. Hustle That Muscle

Ever wondered why when you lose weight you lose boob? Well your boobs are made of fat cells. Yep, and glands and milk ducts. No muscle to hustle there. But, you can strengthen and tone the muscles where the breast tissue sits, as this muscle is also responsible for boob perkiness. Do exercises like push-ups and bench presses, and a top tip is to use dumb bells for extra oomph. These small workouts will boost your pectoral muscles giving a nice firm, natural lift.

3. Push Ups – The Easy Way

Ah yes, of course there is one instant way of getting a fuller cup size, without the sweat. Enter the miraculous push up bra. Try our ingenious backless push up bra for extra voluptuous volume with padding at the bottom of the cups. These babies have passed the wild night out sweaty dance test with flying colours.

4. Get Swinging

Not that kind of swinging ;). Swinging your arms is an exercise you can easily slot into your morning routine. It has the same benefits of other boob enhancing movements, by strengthening the pectoralis muscle. All you need to do is swing your arms in a clockwise direction for up to 10 minutes; just make sure you give any fragiles a wide birth.

5. Reach For The Essential Oils

Ok, it might seem a little weird lighting your candles, putting on soft spa music, oiling up your hands and then massaging your boobs. But this is a scientifically proven way to stimulate the fatty tissue, helping to tone and shape your breasts naturally. And you can do it without the candles; we just said it for dramatic effect. Advocates of this massage suggest using oils that include lemongrass, sage and fennel, with a geranium, jojoba or shear base. This herby combo helps to lift and firm, and apparently works even better after the boob boosting exercises we’ve listed above. Try 100 oily circular motions a day and it will become habitual. Let’s face it, at the end of a long hard day it’s 10 minutes just you, and if your other half walks in, well, they’ll just have to wait their turn.

6. Boob Job In A Tube

Believe it or not, there are creams that exist which can enhance your boob size and appearance. These are in herbal form made up of herbs that stimulate estrogen, or in super fancy form with proven formulas that can plump the décolleté area. It’s usually recommended to massage these creams in so you can get the double whammy factor. Try the cheap and cheerful Nip + Fab bust fix, or if you’re looking for a luxe lift, Super Fit Boob Job serum by Rodial comes recommended.

7. Shoulders Back, Goodies Out

This is a tip for the later base, when you’re at a party, or even walking down the street, because you never know who might wander around the corner. Hunching your spine makes everything less noticeable; so improving your posture will help your boobs look bigger. Stand up straight, and push your chest out. Get on that dance floor and slouch no more! Hello fuller boobs!

8. Perkier Pancakes

There’s every possibility you’re giving yourself pancakes instead of lifted round breasts. Here’s a crazy stat for you, 95% of woman are wearing the wrong size bra. Woah. This isn’t hard when bra sizing on the high street is slightly misleading with limited sizes. Wearing a bra that’s too small can flatten your chest and not enhance your breasts enough, and a bra that’s too big won’t give them the right support. We dispel the myth of cup size here; have a peek before you go get fitted. Things are a little different when it comes to sizing up your boobs for an InvisiBra. Our sizing is more flexible because there are no hooks at the back. Use our snazzy bra size calculator for your true bra size; it will automatically convert into your InvisiBra size. And babe; don’t underestimate your cup size.

So there you have it, 8 fabulous tips for fuller boobs. Just remember to take care of them too. Whether you’re swinging, massaging, or hustling, your boobs are precious girl.

Lucylia Roehmig