Why Beautiful Lingerie Can Empower You

August 12, 2017
beautiful lingerie invisibra blog

People ask us why we created InvisiBra, why we wanted to revolutionise a commonly seen as a functional product (backless strapless adhesive bra) that is sometimes referred to chicken fillets to something beautiful. It’s because InvisiBra was made for women by women. We wanted to create something for the modern woman, where she doesn’t have to choose between functionality, comfort and beauty. Lingerie needs to make you feel good and look good. We truly believe in the power of beautiful lingerie and the importance of celebrating femininity. Female empowerment involves…

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6 Ways To Wear InvisiBra

August 2, 2017
6 ways to wear invisibra

In this post, we’ll show you 6 ways to wear InvisiBra. InvisiBra is the most versatile lingerie you’ll ever own. Why? Because you’re going to be able to wear anything you’d like. InvisiBra was born because we wanted a bra that we could wear with all the backless, strapless, off shoulder clothes we wanted to wear. Going braless was not an option for us, so we had to figure out a solution. We tried all the adhesive bras on the market but none of them worked for us. Some slid…

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Our Favourite Jumpsuits For This Summer

July 18, 2017

Jumpsuits are easy, flattering and chic. The perfect throw-on-and-go summer attire. Paired with sandals, wedges or heels, you’ve got a gorgeous outfit in minutes for any occasion. We prefer the styles that are more revealing at the top, to balance out all that material at the bottom. With revealing tops, you’ve got to have an InvisiBra on hand. Because why ruin a jaw dropping outfit with straps? InvisiBra will give you the confidence, support and security you need to wear anything you’d like. Have a plunge top? We’ve got this….

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Summer Tops You Need For This Summer

July 11, 2017

Summer Tops – The second instalment of our favourite summer fashion picks! Tops are great to mix and match with different bottoms, if you’re going for the flirty look – skirts, want a bit of contrast – tailored trousers, dressing down – denim & shorts. Summer tops that show off our backs / shoulders are obviously our favourite choices. Since InvisiBra was born because we’re not fans of bra straps, they can ruin an outfit and dig in to our skin, causing those red marks that take ages to fade….

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Dresses You Can Wear This Summer With InvisiBra Backless Bra

June 26, 2017

Summer has officially started! This means it’s officially the backless strapless off shoulder season. Having a few lovely summer dresses is essential, they’re effortless, pretty and can take you from day to night. Dresses are also perfect for any occasion, from market strolls, long lunches to weddings and parties. If you want to show off your shoulders, we recommend the off shoulder style. If you think you have broad shoulders, then the halter neck style would be best. And if you want to show off your gorgeous back, then of…

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Prom Hairstyle Inspiration

May 30, 2017
prom hair invisibra main picture

So now you’ve got your prom dress (if not, check this out), it’s time to think about what prom hairstyle you’re going to wear with it. Depending on your vibe, we’ve compiled a few hairstyles to inspire you. If you still need to get lingerie to wear with your outfit, be sure to browse our backless strapless InvisiBras. For such an important occasion, we don’t want you to be bounded by the lack of suitable underwear. InvisiBra will give you the freedom to wear anything you’d like. With InvisiBra’s superior…

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Our Favourite 2017 Prom Dresses

May 18, 2017
invisibra prom dresses 2017 our picks

For some of you, Prom is a very special occasion that comes once in a lifetime. If you think about it, in some ways, it’s the teenage equivalent of a wedding! And just like weddings, prom can be pretty stressful. With so many different styles of prom dresses to choose from, it can be terribly confusing. Where to start right? If you haven’t decided on your 2017 prom dress yet then we’re here to help! We’ve searched high and low for the best prom dresses around the web and we’ve…

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Our Favourite Shoes This Season

May 9, 2017
invisibra top picks for shoes summer

Since Summer is coming up, sandal season is fast approaching. Since sandals are infamous to cause blisters, after living in comfy shoes for the past few months, we’ve got to be prepared. There are a few pointers to take note when choosing shoes for this season. Firstly, it turns out completely flat sandals can put a lot of pressure on the balls of your feet, so it’s better to wear something with a heel around 1/2 – 1.5 inches to support the natural arch of our feet. And beware of…

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5 Ways To Make Your Heels More Comfortable

May 4, 2017
heels how to make them comfortable

We love beautiful shoes, but we don’t love how most of them feel after about an hour.. often wishing we had a pair of flats to change into. I often wonder why there aren’t better technologies to make heels more comfortable? While we wait for the day when they will feel as comfortable as flats, we’ve got some tricks that might actually make them slightly more bearable: 5 Ways to Make Your Heels More Comfortable 1) If you need to wear highheels everyday, we suggest that you rotate the styles:…

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