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Confidence begins with the right bra


Everyone knows that a killer outfit starts with the right lingerie. so, what you
need is a high-quality backless strapless adhesive bra that has the ability to
lift and support. Not only to look sensational but the confidence to carry it off.

Backless Bra Strapless Bra Pushup Bra U Plunge Bra Shape and Support Cleavage Enhancer Bra/Bikini Pushup Inserts Breathable Backless Bra


InvisiBra is more than just a stick on bar. It's an opportunity to live your best life, carefree and liberated. It's recognising that yes, you can be.



Better for the planet

In our modern society, placing a premium on environmental consciousness is essential. Choosing the InvisiBra Backless Bra can make a positive contribution to our world. Consider the routine maintenance of traditional bras, especially in the scorching summer months. The usual washing process involves significant water usage, often requiring several litres per pair. In contrast, the InvisiBra backless bra needs only a fraction of that amount for effective cleaning.

Besides saving water, InvisiBra helps you save lots of luggage space if you embark on an extended vacation, perhaps for two weeks or more. Conventionally, one might pack at least one dozen bras, demanding ample suitcase space and water for cleaning. However, with just two or 3 pairs of InvisiBra backless bras, you can effortlessly manage daily cleaning with minimal water usage, promoting efficient reuse and conserving both water and luggage space.

Beyond their environmental advantages, InvisiBra serves as a revolutionary product, providing women with the freedom from tight straps and bands that often result in discomfort, blisters, and pain. Embrace InvisiBra for a more sustainable, comfortable, and eco-friendly choice in intimate wear.

customer reviews
customer reviews
I have shopped here to buy swimsuits for my friends and they both love the fit and quality of the suits! I will definitely continue to come to this shop!
— Adele S, Toronto
customer reviews
I am quite big busted and absolutely cannot go without a bra but had bought a dress without thinking and loved it so much I HAD to find a way. I made a couple of expensive mistakes with finding other stick on bras and was nervous about making another one but had no alternative. Well this worked! I was nervous about ending up kicking a 'chicken fillet' around the dance floor but I am happy to report that this bra really did the job and stuck fast - and it looked really sexy too.
customer reviews
At last-the answer! I had been looking for a bra solution for a wedding dress. This is perfect! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I had bought/tried/returned so many and was at the stage where I almost regretted buying the dress! But Invisibra has saved the day-thank you!


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